This site was designed and executed with Macromedia's wonderful tools, Dreamweaver 2 and Fireworks 2.

The Javascript rollovers in the menu on the left margin were created with the Slices and Behaviors tools in Fireworks 2. (Please note - Fireworks 2 currently uses cookies to preserve menu states. However, since the menu here is in its own frame, you can feel free to turn cookies off, or not accept the cookies that the menu sends - it will still 'work' visually.)

A perl script which was created and tweaked manually drives the color rotations in the background images. (Reload the splash page or any page in the site a few times to see!)

The font used throughout is Gill Sans MT, except in body text, where it's defined as 'Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif' because not everyone has Gill Sans available.

Musical accompaniment while working on the site is provided by Shoutcast servers 'GOABLAZE' and others.

Any other questions? Write me!