I believe in clear, simple communication.

Nothing could be further from this ideal than the unsolicited commercial email (UCE, or 'spam') that clutters up an Internet mailbox almost as soon as it's opened. I dedicate some of my time to combatting it, and to teaching others how to do the same!

My dislike of 'spam' has nothing to do with its content (though frequently it's pornographic or contains scams like 'credit-washing' or pyramid schemes). It's about these things:

  • trespass: while the First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the right to speak freely, it does NOT mean that anyone is required to listen. Would it be a First Amendment issue if someone decided they wanted to make a statement using the side of your car, or the front of your refrigerator, and broke into your garage or house to do it?
  • cost-shifting:'spam' is not like advertisements on television, or the 'junk mail' that comes to your mailbox. Those were paid for in advance by the advertiser. The 'spammer' doesn't pay appreciably more to send 100,000 advertisements than to send 10, or 1. It's more like having junk mail arrive postage due, or having a telemarketer call your cellular phone. YOU pay for it - THEY don't!
  • and most of all, loss of personal time. Even if you do 'just hit delete' (a strategy, by the way, which we NEVER recommend), the disruption in your concentration from an annoying 'spam' interruption lasts much longer than the time getting rid of the unwanted email.

I believe you've got a right to be left alone, especially when it comes to your email box. And I think the best way to accomplish this is by educating you in how to make these people leave you alone!

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